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Most accurate way to lift an elderly dog that has problems getting around
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Velcro straps and button to hold your dog in place when weighing them
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Weighing Strap Harness - Easiest way to lift your dog

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 Weighing Strap Harness 

"Easiest way to lift & 

weigh your dog" 

Weighing Strap Harness was designed for lifting dogs from the ground, just that simple. For working dog handlers to accurately measure a dog's weight and for older dog owners to help make the stepping up process much easier.  Keep your dog comfortable and secure with the soft yet extremely strong woven fabric. Used to lift the dog from the ground for weight measurements or helping dogs with disabilities. Yes you can lift your dog safely from the ground for weighing without using a inadequate strap. A must for any true dog competition kennels. This is the most cost effective and safe harness for weighing your dog. Very easy to use. Great tool for weight pull, schutzhund work, conformation conditioning and working dog handlers that need a effective way to weigh their dog. 

Recommended for dogs facing difficulties with standing up, walking or stepping up stairs or into a vehicle due to old age; Arthritis, leg pain, back pain or any other orthopedic condition.Velcro strap in to help hold dog in place. Reinforced Velcro straps on the handle as well.

Size   Chest               Dog's Weight 
S        62cm/24.4"      5kg-10kg (11 lbs-22lbs)
M       75cm/29.5"      10kg-25kg (22lbs-48lbs)
L        87cm/34.3"      25kg-35kg (49lbs-70lbs)
XL      96cm/37.8"      35kg-45kg (70lbs-92lbs)



  • Adjustable Handle Straps – Our lifting harness is suitable for any height. No need to harm your back while assisting your best friend.
  • Sturdy, Durable Materials - This dog lifting harness will last for years. Designed for a family member, we would never compromise for anything but the highest quality.
  • Machine Washable - Simply throw the mobility harness in the washing machine, and let it air dry. Do not machine dry.